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     Delmar-License#42004       Ravena-License#42005

Circle of Friends Integrated Nursery School Classrooms are composed of pre-school children (three to five year olds) who benefit from special services within a structured classroom along with typically developing peers. Circle of Friends also offers Daycare and Nursery School programs. All of our classrooms are structured to provide the children with every opportunity to explore and investigate a wide variety of materials, while at the same time enabling them to interact with other children of their own age in a friendly, safe and secure environment.

Itinerant Services or Related Services means your child may receive services (for example, speech therapy or occupational therapy) at your home or at another daycare or preschool setting. Circle of Friends employs a large number of teachers and therapists that work in many different areas throughout our community.

2018 - 2019
Day Care and Nursery School Rates

(All rates will be confirmed when your child is registered.)

[Delmar OCFS license# 42004]
 DELMAR:                                  5 Hour Rooms 8:20am-1:40pm               
  - DAY CARE                                 $49.00 Per Full Day *                      
        (50 WEEK PROGRAM)                            * (includes AM and PM Wrap/Stay & Play)  

  - NURSERY SCHOOL                 $32 Nursery Portion Only                
       (39 WEEK PROGRAM)

  - NURSERY SCHOOL                 $49.00 Per Full Day *                       
     WITH STAY AND PLAY        * (includes AM and PM Wrap/Stay & Play)
          (36 WEEK PROGRAM)

  - STAY AND PLAY                       $39.00 Per Full Day **                    
    (FOR USE WHEN CHILD             ** (Stay & Play Portion Only, 
     HAS OTHER 5 HOUR             includes both AM & PM/Day.)
    >   Stay & Play hours: 7:30am - 8:20am or 9:00am and then 1:40pm - 5:25pm
    >  Stay & Play cost when school is closed (during school vacation) would be $49.00 per day 


[Ravena OCFS license# 42005]
​ RAVENA:                                   5 Hour Rooms 8:30am-1:50pm

NURSERY SCHOOL                    $27.00  Nursery Portion Only       
   Nursery Portion Only
    (39 WEEK PROGRAM)