Circle of Friends
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     Delmar-License#42004       Ravena-License#42005

    Circle of Friends is strongly committed to the professional growth of all our staff. 
We provide and support staff development throughout our school year.

     Carrie Wickham                     (Teacher Aide)
           Sue Flanagan
 (Special Ed. Teacher )
       (Speech Therapist)
         Linda Court                             (Teacher Aide)
        Jackie Blendell
      (Admin Assistant)
      Colleen McNessor
       (Admin Assistant)
               Khushbu Weldingwala
    (Admin Assistant/Compliance)
             Alice Kearse
      (Executive Director)
             Aparna Shenoy
        Mallika Raikar               (Teacher Assistant)
        Janet Aguirre
    (Speech Therapist)
      Laura Gottesman
      (Speech Therapist)
                 Carly Kramer
  (Occupational Therapist)
         Anne Frederickson
         (School Psychologist)
 Christina Van Gorden          (Teacher Assistant)
     Jennifer Schreiber
  (Occupational Therapist)
           Jan Barclay
  (Special Ed. Teacher/ Director for Delmar site)
        Santina Stewart                 (Speech Therapist)
               Lisa Diana
   (Special Ed. Teacher )
            Julie Purcell
(Nursery School Teacher)
             Jaime Tucci                             (Teacher Aide)
    Amanda McNeilly               (Teacher Assistant)
      Christina Fiero                (SubstituteTeacher Aide/ Admin. Assistant)
      Valerie Crowe           (Nursery School Teacher)
                JoAnn Preston
    (Nursery School Teacher)
              Micaela Bullis            
             (Facility/Substitute TA)
      Jackie Greenwood                       (Bookkeeper)
        Mary McKillop
 (Special Ed. Teacher )
      Dawn Schoene               (Teacher Assistant)